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Welcome to the history of the Kennel Tom-Dober ! My name is Tamás Török and I was born on 30 May 1974 in Hajdúdorog, Hungary. I live in a small town called Hajdúdorog and located in Hajdú-Bihar County. I received my first Dobermanon 30 May 1986 from my parents, for my birthday. His name was Valdimora Gerry .With Valdimora Gerry this dog, my love of Dobermans has started. My parents had helped with his bringing up and my coming to know the breed.

We participated with him in several show, the result was the achievement of the Hungarian Champion and Hungarian “Laureate” C hampion titles. Shortly after getting to know more and becoming attached to the breed, we heard about founding a national Doberman club from our friends. This organization was the Hungarian Doberman Club, of which we are founding members. It was founded in 1998, in Békéscsaba. My father had managed the secretarial tasks for long years. 

My next dog after Gerry was Black Princesin Alice . She, too, has participated on national shows only, and she could as well take pride in achieving the Hungarian Champion and Hungarian “Laureate” Champion titles, as well as becoming the most beautiful Doberman in the years 1991 and 1992. She gave birth to my first home-bred puppies, whose father was a male imported from Germany and named Cherka v. Waldeck . We have advanced in breeding Dobermans by virtue of these puppies. From each litter we had left a male and a female puppy for ourselves.

Tom–Dober Dalida , Tom–Dober Dedra : with them, as well, we proved up at national shows only, they became Champion , Derby and Grand Champion Winners several times.

From the year 1994 on, we participate in the breed sho ws organized once a year in different countries by IDC (International Doberman Club). By virtue of the stock seen here new possibilities opened before us. We ha ve become acquainted and got in contact with many breeders.

With these new acquaintances the opportunity has arisen to purchase our two foreign-bred bitches: Aida Aeshta v. Ashanti and Brenda Bahia v. Ashanti . These two had a great effect on and established our current Dobermann stock.

The lining of the bitches is done by using only representative entities of the proper bloodline with outstanding genetic background, such as Gadis Geromy del Citone , Modus Ost Aviator Ace or Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai . By virtue of these linings I have already reached the level of having European-class Doberman stock and to be able to prove up with my dogs in shows like I.D.C., A.I.A.D., Trofeo Caliandro and Golden Doberman, in other words, all the high-standard and well-known shows organized in Europe, as well as European and World Shows.

Nowadays, we keep several dogs at home, but we always pay particular attention to the careful and thorough bringing up, pre-show training and preparation of the dogs.

I bestow great care upon the brining up of the puppies a s well; I deliver the puppies with the proper vaccinations and useful tutorial advices. We follow the bringing up of the puppies bought from us even later on; their owners could seek help from us at any time.

Several puppies were taken abroad from us: U.S.A., Germany, Romania and Switzerland. I keep in touch daily with foreign dog owners and acquaintances, friends via telephone and the Internet.

Even in the following years, I would like to aspire to breed Dobermans of high quality and good characteristics, who can shine in national and foreign shows, as well as in work, thus giving their owners joy.

The successes achieved in breeding Dobermans is, of course, not owing to me alone, for these the all-encompassing help of my family was also essential.


Erika & Elli
Luca & Persona Peach

Tamás, Anton & Aldo

Török Tamás
Tom-Dober Kennel

Tamás, Gerry & Sajó
Valdimora Gerry
Tamás & Alice
Márta, Dalida, Dedra & János
Aida Aeshta von Ashanti
Brenda Bahia von Ashanti
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